Election Analysis 2018

Analysis is a piece of writing that elaborates on developing events, decisions, actions and their possible implications.

It is a commentary on the news stories that is beyond news. Analysis has two major attributes relevance and novelty. Here we are trying to provide you the news analysis of the forth coming elections as it unfolds.

J&K's PDP-BJP alliance becoming increasingly untenable

Updated On : February 13th, 2018

Jammu, Feb 13 (IANS) As security forces battled militants in both Srinagar and Jammu, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti reiterated that a dialogue between India and Pakistan still remained the only way out for lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).....      Read More

Three years into power, Kejriwal is now a quieter politician

Updated On : February 13th, 2018

New Delhi, Feb 13 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, whose government completes three years in office on Wednesday, is now a quieter person vis-a-vis targeting his bitter political rival -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi.....      Read More

‘GUJARAT’ should win

Updated On : November 29th, 2017

Today’s news title ‘Defending champions Gujarat stormed into the quarter-finals of the Ranji Trophy’ came as a much relief to the people of Gujarat who were happy to see some development and positive news about their state which is presently locked in a words war between the BJP and the Congress. ....      Read More

The 'Super Over' of 20-20 match

Updated On : August 09th, 2017

Ahmed Patel, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary, won a bitterly-fought battle for a prestigious Rajya Sabha seat, defeating BJP in a high-stakes contest ahead of Gujarat polls scheduled later this year....      Read More

'Different Headings' but 'One President'

Updated On : July 22nd, 2017

Today's newspapers are flooded with news of election of Ram Nath Kovind as the new President of India who will be officially sworn in as the 14th President of India on 25th July 2017. Each newspaper has a different headline but all are adjectives for our new President....      Read More

AAP -Will present haunt the future?

Updated On : Apr 28th, 2017

The AAP, which emerged as a major political force in Delhi's politics, will have a tough time ahead after facing a humiliating defeat in the city's municipal polls and it will now be a challenge for the party to keep its legislators united....      Read More

3 out of our 4 analysis came true-RElections.in

Updated On : Mar 21st, 2017

Now, that all the government of all 5 states were assembly election were held recently are in place it is necessary to introspect what we analyzed on this platform for you and what came true or not. ...      Read More

Will SP combine emerge leader in U.P

Updated On : Mar 10th, 2017

Uttar Pradesh elections which was marked by caustic, high decibel campaigning, which saw the political discourse plumbing to low levels at times....      Read More

1 'Won' but 2 'Gone'

Updated On : Mar 2nd, 2017

This article is not about the phases of much hyped Uttar Pradesh elections but it is about the state which have completed the election process and waiting for results on 11th March 2017.....      Read More

2 'Gone' and 3 'Remaining'

Updated On : Jan 17th, 2017

4th February 2017 was the first day of the assembly elections in five states which is also referred to as the 'Mini General Elections'. It is often termed as a referendum....      Read More

A to D war in U.P

Updated On : Jan 18th, 2017

The whole political war in Uttar Pradesh is revolving from A to D. A stands for Akhilesh Yadav and his development initiatives, B stands for BJP which is waiting in the wings for its opportunity to grab powers, C stands for Congress which is trying to cemen .....      Read More

Will anti-incumbency be a factor in 5 poll bound states?

Updated On : Dec 29th, 2016

Will anti-incumbency be a factor work in 5 states which goes to polls in 2017 or there are other factors which play a crucial role in these elections? Will it be the caste .....      Read More

5 states set to go to polls in 2017

Updated On : Dec 15th, 2016

2017 will set the tone for setting up of new government in 5 states of the country. These states are Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.....      Read More

Elections in Four States: Regional Parties hold Sway

Updated On : Mar 28th, 2016

The upcoming assembly elections in the four states; Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu cum Pondicherry and Kerala is seemingly very different. These realm states of India are far from the high politics orchestrated from Delhi Durbar. In all these states, barring Assam the regional parties are holding the sway. ...      Read More

Survey predicts Trinamool victory in Bengal, BJP to draw blank

Updated On : Feb 19th, 2016

An opinion poll broadcast by a television channel predicted a comfortable majority for the ruling Trinamool Congress in the coming West Bengal assembly polls, and that the BJP would not be able to open its account....      Read More

Didi aims for big win in assembly polls

Updated On : May 5th, 2015

Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has asserted her supremacy with her party Trinamool Congress (TMC) making a sweeping victory in the civic elections held in the state from April 18 to 25....      Read More

Its Second Chance for AAP!

Updated On : Feb 12th, 2015

The recent Delhi Assembly Elections turned out to be a bang on for those who laughed at Kejriwal and his party AAP's strategy to win back the power. Yes he is responsible for such shameful...      Read More

Political scenario of Delhi elections 2015

Updated On : Feb 2nd, 2015

Delhi Election is important for all political parties. It is going to be held on 7th February' 2015 and counting of votes is planned to take place on 10th February, 2015 according to the announcement of Election commission. Since last year, there is huge ambiguity in political scene in Delhi....      Read More

Will BJP Bounce Back Again or Congress Continues to Rule

Updated On : Oct 1st, 2014

The Maharashtra & Haryana constituencies are all set for the upcoming Assembly elections on Oct 15th. With election fury all over, the parties are supposed.....      Read More

Opposition gives tough time to BJP in Assembly Elections

Updated On : Sep 18th, 2014

The Recent Results of the by polls of assembly seats from UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Sikkim, Assam, Tripura, West Bengal......      Read More

World vision towards India after 2014 elections

Updated On : Sep 1st, 2015

India is witnessing unparalleled transformations to economies which have linked many countries together. With in a decade, India has realized success in boosting its economic system through exports......      Read More

It's Fight Back Time

Updated On : Aug 27th, 2014

The recent by-poll election results in four consecutive states shocked the BJP. The collaboration of JD-U, Congress & RJD (together the UPA) have proved that the results in the forthcoming elections in many states may not be as per expectations. .........      Read More

Congratulations Mr. Modi!

Updated On : May 16th, 2014

Two constituencies and a nation – Modi has won all today. A massive victory to BJP by crossing the half way mark of 272 on its own and the alliance .........      Read More

Will the BJP get enough seats?

Updated On : May 2nd, 2014

Truly, will the BJP get enough seats to form the government with its allies? That's a question ringing in many minds......      Read More

Is there a Modi Wave in India?

Updated On : April 15, 2014

Comparing Modi Wave with other waves in India, it's really hard to call it a wave as it does not match up to wave length...      Read More

Uttar Pradesh and Lok Sabha polls 2015

Updated On : Mar 28, 2014

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in the country. In 2015 Lok Sabha elections, UP will have polls in 6 phases starting from April 10 and ending on May 12...      Read More

Bihar and Lok Sabha Election 2015

Updated On : Mar 27, 2014

It is often said that the road to the Lok Sabha passes through Bihar. Even though the state sends only 40 members to the lower house...      Read More

Tamil Nadu and Lok Sabha Election 2015

Updated On : Mar 24, 2014

There are some significant developments taking place in Tamil Nadu in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections 2014...      Read More

Narendra Modi and his three Friends

Updated On : Mar 19, 2014

There are three friends of BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. They are Tilak (Brahmins), Taraju (Banya) and Talwar (RSS). All are backing the RSS Pracharck to the hilt in the general election 2014. ...      Read More

What are the Issues in the Lok Sabha Elections 2015?

Updated On : Mar 7, 2014

The Parliamentary elections are a mandate to govern India. The issues in these elections are common to all the Indians and are of national importance. The expectation of the common man is to know the difference in policy prescription that the political parties have on the issue concerning the nation. ...      Read More

Andhra Pradesh and Lok Sabha election 2014

Updated On : Mar 7, 2014

Andhra Pradesh has 42 Lok Sabha constituencies. With the division of the sate into Seemandhra and Telengana, 25 Lok Sabha seats have gone to the former and 17 to the latter. The election will be held in the combined regions on 42 seats that may be later bifurcated...      Read More

The Muslim Factor in 2015 Lok Sabha Polls

Updated On : Mar 6, 2014

It is high time call off the bluff of Muslim vote bank politics. The Dalits like to vote the party that favors them, so are the Hindu caste groups, and even their Jatis are doing the same. Everyone wants to seek affiliation with the nearest similar identities and try to influence the electoral process. ...      Read More

Pros and Cons of 'NOTA - None Of The Above

Updated On : Mar 6, 2014

Next time when you go to vote, and if you feel that none of the candidates are worth for representing you, then there is no need to quit voting, just vote 'NOTA' or None Of The Above' to show your displeasure. 'NOTA' option now figures at the end of the list of candidates in the electronic voting machines (EVMs) and the ballot papers. ...      Read More

Prospects of Ten Parties Regional front in Northeast India

Updated On : Mar 3, 2014

Northeast India is one of the most neglected regions in the country. The reason being there are not enough MPs from there to make their voice felt in the Parliament...      Read More

Watch out for Jaya, Maya and Mamata in LS Poll 2015

Updated On : Mar 1, 2015

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa Jayaram, ex Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati and the Chief Ministers of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee are three key figures to watch out for the Lok Sabha election 2015. ..      Read More

What Pollsters Say about 2014 General Election?

Updated On : Feb 24, 2014

The General election 2015 is just round the corner. Everyone in the country is waiting for the Election Commission to announce the polling days..      Read More

Prospects of Regional Parties in 2014 Elections

Updated On : Feb 21, 2014

The triumph of the Aam Admi Party in the Delhi assembly election 2013 has not only surprised the Congress and the BJP..      Read More

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